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About Us

Built with resilience, our dynamic team has over 20 years of experience serving the medical community. Neuro Navigation Dynamics offers high tech frameless stereotactic navigation systems as well as technical and maintenance support. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians are educated by navigation manufacturers to assure clients of the best-received service. For years, Neuro Navigation Dynamics, LLC has gotten new clientele through word of mouth referrals. With that being said, our long term clients and partners have been highly satisfied with our service and have acclaimed Neuro Navigation Dynamics, LLC to be their #1 solution to their needs!

Mission statement

The mission statement of Neuro Navigation Dynamics is to achieve the highest standard in practice of image-guided surgery, and to promote safe services to the healthcare environment. The board will educate and effectively communicate with professionals in the healthcare environment.


Neuro Navigation Dynamics leads in creating a high quality climate for stereotactic image guided navigation practices.

Our technologists are informed, educated, and affluent in managing technology throughout any procedure. With the highest quality of service, we provide our customers with cutting-edge and flexible robotic technology.

Utilizing navigation technology to its fullest capacity, our team is always providing high-level quality service and expanding the uses and applications of navigation equipment in the surgical arena.

Core values

  • Innovation; forward thinking, planning and executing to expand our horizons
  • Integrity; honesty and harmony in what we say, do, and think
  • Respect; treat others better than you would expect for yourself, in order to succeed
  • Passion; with enthusiasm and a desire for commitment to success
  • Quality; service and products we are proud to stand behind
  • Teamwork; we all succeed together, strive for growth and prosper in our customers successes
  • Whatever you do make it fun!